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Professional Products and Services Offered by Afritrac

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Our core services

• Supply fit-for-purpose animal traction implements, spares and conservation tillage tools.

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• Suppliers of animal traction implements

• Suppliers of ISO 9001:2008 accredited products

• Outlets throughout Southern Africa

• Stocking and marketing of animal traction implements and spares via a network of select hardware
   stores throughout Southern Africa.

• Continuous R&D on improved animal traction implements, conservation tillage tools and sustainable
   commercial agricultural systems.

• Consultation and advice on the best product suited to the needs of the farmers depending on the
   animals to be used, soil type, size of the land and budget.

• Regular demonstrations and participation in farming exhibitions and trade shows.

Animal Drawn Ploughing equipment
 Animal Drawn Ploughs

Our products include a wide variety of best in class equipment and tools:

• Ploughs
• Planters
• Harrows
• Cultivators
• Shellers
• Ridgers

• Yokes
• Afrimills
• Ridgers
• Hoes
• And a full range of animal
   traction spares and
   conservation tillage tools.

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