Leading supplier of animal traction implements and full range of spares

Welcome to Afritrac, a leading supplier and distributor of animal traction implements and conservation tillage tools in Southern Africa.
Established in 1995, Afritrac (African Traction and Associated Technologies) (PTY) LTD supplies a complete range of animal drawn implements which cover the needs of the emerging farmer from breaking the soil to post harvest.

We hold adequate stocks of all spares ensuring that our customers have full back up services.

Our products are available throughout Southern Africa via selected hardware stores.
We believe non-mechanised animal drawn agricultural implements are still the most and often the only appropriate system for first time, small scale and emerging commercial farmers.

From Generation to Generation

More about Afritrac Farming Solutions

Afritrac places a high premium on continuous research and development on our equipment and systems.

Our target market is composed of small scale and emerging farmers who do not yet have the resources to invest in mechanised farming equipment. Many of the consumers of our products grow cash crops like cotton, beans, tobacco and maize. This affords them the opportunity to participate in the commercial market.

Professional Products and Services Offered by Afritrac

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Our core services

• Supply fit-for-purpose animal traction implements, spares and conservation tillage tools.

• Stocking and marketing of animal traction implements and spares via a network of select hardware
   stores throughout Southern Africa.

• Continuous R&D on improved animal traction implements, conservation tillage tools and sustainable
   commercial agricultural systems.

• Consultation and advice on the best product suited to the needs of the farmers depending on the
   animals to be used, soil type, size of the land and budget.

• Regular demonstrations and participation in farming exhibitions and trade shows.